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The 7 best calendar plugins for wordpress

Many of my customers would like to manage events in their WordPress installation. This ranges from a simple monthly view to booking places for event with connection to payment providers like Paypal. Different calendar plugins for WordPress help you to cover the most different requirements. In this article I highlight the 7 best calendar and event plugins for WordPress.

You want to add an extensive event calendar to your WordPress site? Or simply present a small series of events? This listing of event plugins can help you with that!

With free and premium plugins for your event calendar, you have a range of tools available for different project sizes.

A free calendar plugin is quite sufficient if you only want to publish details in calendar format on your WordPress website.

However, if you want your visitors to be able to register for an event, buy tickets, or sync their appointments with other services like Google Calendar, you should use a premium plugin. By the way, the premium calendar plugins look better too 😉

More functionalities of premium calendar plugins:

  • Better customization options on the design
  • WooCommerce integration (Paypal, CC, etc.)
  • Bookings can be accepted by you
  • Creation of multiple calendars

I’ve picked out the 7 best free and premium calendar plugins for you. There should be something for every budget. But enough rambling, let’s get started:


The 4 best free calendar plugins

Even the free event plugins offer great functionalities. However, if you need great views and design and have a bit more budget, you should go for a premium calendar plugin. For a simple representation of events, however, the plugins shown here perform well.

The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe [TIP!]

With over 500,00 installations, Events Calendar is very popular. In addition, this plugin is still free. I myself have already used the Events Calendar. The biggest advantage is probably that it is free. It offers several functions and can be used within a few minutes after installation.

The Events Calendar works with custom post types. Therefore, it integrates well with the rest of WordPress. You can create multiple event locations that can also be recurring. These locations can also be edited globally. Quite handy if your events take place in different locations.

You also have the possibility to select different lists, daily and monthly views. A search function rounds out the features of the plugin. The documentation of the Events Calendar is very extensive. To display the calendar at any place on your website in the free version, there is the free plugin The Events Calender Shortcode.

The functions of the free version are sufficient for most applications. The paid Pro version of the plugin goes a bit further and offers: Creation of recurring events, handling of ticket sales, Facebook event integration and various other event views.

Despite the Pro version, the free version of The Events Calendar has a lot to offer, so you can publish events on your WordPress website effortlessly.


Events Manager

Events Manager has been updated to version 5 and now offers even more great features that let you create an events calendar.

This calendar plugin facilitates the creation of events. Moreover, you can also enable registration for events. Creating recurring events is also easy and offers several options. Events Manager works very well with the BuddyPress plugin, so you can enable user activity feeds, discussion areas and more.

The Events Manager also works with recurring locations. So you can easily assign a venue to new events as well. It also offers Google Maps integration. So your visitors always know exactly where the event is taking place.

Displaying it in different places on your WordPress website is extremely easy thanks to a good widget integration and gives you different options.

And yes: There is also a Pro version! However, the free version of the plugin is quite sufficient. Unless you would like to activate and process payments for your events and offer coupon codes for these payments. In addition, there is a tool to create a booking form in the Pro version.


Event Calendar WD – Responsive Event Calendar Plugin

Also with this free plugin you can present your events on your WordPress website. Of course you have the usual functions. In addition, there’s also the possibility to post events on social networks via social sharing buttons.

A widget function ensures that you can display the calendar anywhere on your website. In addition, the Event Calendar WD plugin offers Google Maps integration.

In the Pro version you can access even more features:

  • Recurring events
  • 5 Themes to style your calendar
  • 3 other views: Posterboard, 4-day and map view
  • 14 more addons


My Calendar – WordPress Plugin

The My Calendar Plugin is also free. Also with this plugin you can add an interactive calendar to your wordpress site. Just like the other calendar plugins, this plugin has the usual features: Create events, create tags and categories for events and recurring venues.

The advantage of My Calendar is the possibility to combine events into groups. These groups can then be edited. So you have a mass editing function for events. This can save you a lot of time if you have a very full calendar.

However, the design of My Calendar is not as modern as other calendar plugins in this list. If you know CSS you can of course style the plugin the way you want. However, a small mini calendar widget and upcoming events list makes this plugin unique.


The 3 best premium event plugins


EventOn – WordPress Event Calendar Plugin [TIP!]

Looking for a simple and great styled event plugin for wordpress? Then you are at the end of your search. I too use the EventOn plugin when it needs something more than a simple event plugin. EventOn is also the best selling event and calendar plugin on the CodeCanynon marketplace.

The plugin has been around since 2012 and since then it has been constantly maintained and serviced. In addition, there is premium support. EventOn is the most functional calendar plugin solution currently available. This will not change anytime soon.

EventOn’s backend is also very user-friendly and makes adding events a breeze. You can set the schedule to repeat events, add images, and integrate Google Maps. In addition, you can also assign colors to events. This color coding of events opens up whole new usability possibilities for your visitors.

There is a possibility to present the design in tile layout. But also lists and calendar views are possible. A variety of widgets and shortcodes also lets the calendar appear in different ways on your website.

At only $24, the premium calendar plugin is affordable and should be used for extensive calendar or event requirements. This plugin can be extended with additional addons. With it you can implement almost anything:

  • Great design
  • Event Bubbles
  • Shortcode generator
  • events lasting several days possible
  • User defined fields possible
  • many microinteractions possible
  • RTL Support
  • highlighted events
  • Google Maps Integration


Calendarize it! for WordPress

Also with this premium calendar plugin you can easily add a powerful calendar to your website. There are several Calendarize It design templates that offer many options to integrate the calendar into the website in different ways.

There are a number of free addons available for this tool. With them you can add many great features with a click. Here are a few examples of these additional features:

  • Countdown timer (creates excitement and scarcity for your visitors)
  • Year view (365 days view)
  • CSV import (import event to calendar via CSV file)

Besides these free addons, you can also buy additional addons. For example, you can get the following functions:

  • Receive payments (ticket sales via WordPress)
  • Sell tickets with Eventbrite integration

But back to the main function of Calendarize it. There is the possibility to display the events in accordion view. Moreover, nice color schemes can be selected and events can be assigned here as well.

As you can see, Calendarize is a comprehensive tool that will let you add powerful calendar features to your website with just a few clicks.

  • Visual CSS Editor
  • Advent calendar for wordpress
  • Author filtering possible
  • different color schemes
  • Events with links
  • Countdown
  • Flat UI Calendar Widget
  • Rating function for events
  • wide-ranging filter options


EventsPlus – WordPress Events Calendar Registration & Tickets

EventsPlus is also a good calendar plugin for WordPress. Already integrated is a ticket system for events. With it you can offer courses, seminars, workshops and other events on your WordPress site. The plugin also takes care of registration and ticket sales.

While the other plugins on this page have to pay for the extra features, EventsPlus combines all these functions already in the basic version. Of course, this also has the disadvantage that your WordPress installation is bloated. Even if you don’t need these functions.

The range of functions of Eventsplus is impressive. This makes this plugin very interesting for extensive calendars:

  • WPML-ready
  • With jQuery ToolTip
  • Header Images
  • Countdown timer
  • Seats can be displayed
  • Color coding of events
  • different layouts
  • great dashboard in the backend (so you keep track of your events)
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Coupons for tickets
  • Customizable booking forms
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