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SEO benefits – why do I need SEO at all?

SEO is and was the trend topic on the Internet in recent years – but why do I need SEO at all? Does it make sense to deal with this topic? This article deals with the benefits of SEO and the opportunities and possibilities for your own business.

Many entrepreneurs are not aware of the search engine optimization possibilities and opportunities. Very often I receive inquiries from small and medium-sized enterprises with the question, what such a search engine optimization would cost at all. They are then horrified about how expensive the whole thing seems to be. However, if you look at the fact that medium-sized and larger companies sometimes invest five-digit amounts per month  and employ hordes of search engine optimizers, then you have to ask yourself why these established companies and enterprises do this at all, if search engine optimization is so expensive and of no use?

In conversation, I often replied that search engine optimization works and is more or less successful depending on the amount invested. However, the distrust of a mature search engine optimization strategy is still relatively high. Of course, this is understandable, since you are basically buying a pig in a poke – i.e. you don’t know in advance exactly what it will actually do for you in the end. In addition, there are black sheep among the SEO agencies, which promise Google rankings that are completely unrealistic through dubious tricks (Dubious SEO tricks). Good search engine optimization costs money, but at the same time brings in a lot of customers or money. Otherwise, this industry could not have held over the last few years.

Conventional advertising is becoming increasingly meaningless

Search engine optimization is therefore particularly important in our time. The customer has changed and reacts with disinterest to advertising. He now looks for his own information on Google. Anyone who is not found here on Google is practically non-existent.

In doing so, your company should competently inform the visitor in order to persuade them to make a purchase decision. The special thing about the Internet and also search engine optimization is that they can reach many potential customers via the Internet at any time. So even if their business is closed: at night, on holidays or on Sundays.

Can Google find my site without SEO?

Certainly, under certain circumstances (should your website be well programmed) Google can find you even without search engine optimization. However, the competition in many industries is now so great that good rankings can no longer be achieved without search engine optimization. You might end up on the second page, and this is where just 3% of searchers get lost.

So to answer the question: yes, Google will find your website even without SEO. Should you have unique content, you might even rank reasonably well with it. However, in most cases you will not rank well and will be practically invisible to your customers on the Internet.

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