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KWFinder – The best keyword research tool

KWFinder is an excellent tool for keyword research. Meanwhile, the Keywordfinder is the cheapest and best keyword research tool that is currently on the market. I have been using the tool since hour one and I am thrilled with it! Reason enough to take a closer look at KWFinder and share my experiences with KWFinder with you.

What is KWFinder?

To optimize your site for search engines, you need keywords. Therefore, before creating web content, it is important to research and analyze keywords in order to use them meaningfully in your content. To do this, it is important to determine the so-called search volume of the respective keywords. This allows you to identify relevant (more frequently searched for) keywords and use them to guide your choice of words when writing your content. I’ll show you how to do this in my article Writing SEO Texts the Right Way. In addition, KWFinder helps you by allowing you to query search volumes for specific keywords and also offering you alternatives that could be relevant for you and your topic. In addition, KWFinder offers you other useful functions for optimal keyword research.


KWFinder features

KWFinder offers you some additional useful features compared to other keyword research tools alternatives, which help in creating search engine optimized content:

  • Find out search volume of keywords (by month and year)
  • Track search trends
  • Competition of the keyword is displayed directly
  • Click costs are clearly displayed
  • Many suggestions for topic-related keywords in a fraction of a second
  • Search by language and country possible
  • Hyperlocal keywords can also be displayed (city, state, etc.)
  • The filter function helps with targeted research for long tail keywords

And as if all these advantages were not enough, the Keyword Finder convinces with a clear interface – meanwhile even better than that of the KeywordPlanner. You can find out how good KWFinder is in my Keyword Finder video tutorial:

With a user account it is also possible to create lists of keywords. This makes it very easy to save topic-relevant keywords for later. Especially this feature I find very comfortable. Furthermore, the saved lists can also be downloaded as CSV files and are thus also available for other applications with just one mouse click.

Keyword research with KWFinder

The data supplied during keyword research by the keyword finder is very extensive. However, due to its great interface, the data remains clear. This makes every keyword research a pleasure. KWFinder provides the following data after entering the keywords, the language and the respective country:

  • Average monthly search volume
  • CPC (average cost per click – based on Google Adwords)
  • PPC (level of competition in PPC advertising from 0 to 100)
  • SERP results (what do the Google results look like at the moment)
  • Domain Authority (is pulled from the MOZ database)
  • Page Authority (also from the MOZ database)
  • MOZ Rank of the URL
  • MOZ Trust the URL
  • External links pointing to the URL
  • Facebook and Goggle+ Likes
  • SEO Competition (from 0 to 100)
  • Approximate number of visitors, when ranking with the keyword


The SEO competition is represented in the Keyword Finder by a number from 0 to 100. However, caution is advised with this value: It should only be an approximate guide. The value is very spongy and also not completely up to date. Nevertheless, this value can give a rough insight into the “contestedness” of the respective keyword. In the following the graduation of the SEO competition:

  • 0 – 9: go for it
  • 10 – 19: super easy
  • 20 – 29: easy
  • 30 – 39: not hard
  • 40 – 54: possible
  • 55 – 74: hard
  • 75 – 89: super hard
  • 90 – 100: don’t do it

KWFinder prices

You can test KWFinder for 10 days free of charge. After that, however, the tool is subject to payment. Generally, the use of KWFinder is done by a daily relaying of the search requests. This means that you can make a certain number of queries every day. Depending on which license you have purchased, this value varies. The next day, the tool “recharges” itself and you can query X keywords again.

The basic subscription (100 keywords per day) costs 29.90 euros (annual payment) and is thus cheaper than other professional SEO tools such as Sistrix or In the past, the prices of KWFinder were significantly cheaper. Meanwhile, however, the entire “Mangools Suite” is available. This gives you a powerful SEO tool to optimize your website.

In addition, you can test the keyword research tool relatively without obligation by purchasing a 1-month license. The price here is of course significantly higher than if you sign up for a one-year license. I purchased a one-year license last year at the first go and saved almost triple (compared to the monthly license). Below is an overview of the different licenses:

The Mangools Suite

KWFinder is part of the Mangools Suite. This is a collection of SEO tools. The KWFinder prices refer to the whole Mangools Suite. This means that if you buy KWFinder, you can also use all the other tools. Here are the individual tools of the Mangools Suite:

KWFinder Conclusion

KWFinder is the best keyword research tool at the moment and offers extensive SEO research options at a reasonable price. The interface makes any keyword analysis, no matter how dry, fun and helps to find new keyword suggestions and long tail keywords. I took out the annual subscription to get the maximum discount and have not regretted it to this day. In this respect, I can recommend KWFinder without reservation.

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