wordpress cookie plugins thumb

The 3 best cookie plugins for wordpress

Are you looking for a legally compliant cookie plugin for WordPress? Or are you wondering if a cookie notice is enough to legally protect your website? In this blog article I would like to help you to protect your website against warnings and show you the 3 best cookie plugins for WordPress.

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calendar plugins

The 7 best calendar plugins for wordpress

Many of my customers would like to manage events in their WordPress installation. This ranges from a simple monthly view to booking places for event with connection to payment providers like Paypal. Different calendar plugins for WordPress help you to cover the most different requirements. In this article I highlight the 7 best calendar and event plugins for WordPress.

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The 15 best SEO plugins for wordpress 2021

In this article I would like to introduce you the best WordPress SEO plugins 2021. Even though WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, you can improve your Google ranking by using the best SEO plugins 2021. Additionally, you can also integrate SEO analysis tools directly into your WordPress installation to evaluate your rankings.

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Make WordPress secure – these plugins protect you from hackers

If you run a WordPress website, you should also think about the security of your WordPress installation. I do not accept the argument that WordPress is too insecure. If you take a few tricks to heart, you can protect your WordPress installation from hackers and other attacks. Make your WordPress secure – I’ll show you how in this article.

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Top 3 WordPress caching plugins for more speed

Caching plugins help you to increase the speed of your WordPress website. More speed – that brings you more traffic and a better rank on Google. WordPress caching plugins can help you improve your Google Page Speed for your blog or website. But which of the many caching plugins on the market is recommended?

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Making WordPress multilingual: WPML vs Multisite

A WordPress Multisite or rather the WPML plugin for a multilingual WordPress website? Building a multilingual website with WordPress can be a bit confusing. At first glance, this is certainly paradoxical, since website creation with WordPress is generally very convenient.

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Wordpress timline plugin

The best WordPress timeline plugins

Are you looking for the best WordPress Timeline plugin? Countless themes, plugins and other extras make WordPress very flexible and suitable for all applications. In this post I would like to present the best wordpress timeline plugins. With these wordpress plugins you can easily add a timeline or resume to your blog.

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