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Best WordPress Themes 2021

Best WordPress Themes 2021 – this article provides an overview of the latest and best WordPress Themes 2021. The success story of WordPress does not end in 2021. Premium WordPress Themes shoot like mushrooms from the ground – but beware – not every WordPress Theme keeps what it promises.

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7 webdesign tipps

7 web design tips from science – use neuroscientific findings!

The attention span is getting shorter and shorter. Meanwhile, no one reads a complete website from front to back. To catch the user’s attention (and keep it for as long as possible), you can make use of various findings from science. Neuroscience (the science of our brain) provides important guidelines for successful web design and marketing.

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The 27 most important web design trends 2021

As a web designer you should know current web design trends. A modern website mostly uses these web design trends. Or should a professional web designer follow any web design trends at all? In this article I show you the current web design trends 2021 and if you should use them.

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The 6 types of websites

There are now billions of websites – yet these can be divided into six website types on the Internet.

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The 8 most common web design mistakes

The 8 most common web design mistakes are not only committed by smaller companies – sometimes they also happen to top dogs. Here now web design mistakes that make you lose your customers.

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Flat design: Web design trends under the magnifying glass

Flat design is certainly not the latest web design trend. When I was working on some campaigns for the new Windows Phone in 2011, I came into contact with this flat design for the first time. Microsoft called it Metro Design, though. However, if you left aside the tile design, it was the birth of Flat Design.

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