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WordPress store with WooCommerce? The advantages & disadvantages

With WordPress easily create your own online store? With the store plugin WooCommerce there is a solution that is relatively simple and also flexible! The advantages, disadvantages and my experiences with WordPress Shop Plugin WooCommerce I present to you in this article.

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Keyword research – find the perfect keyword

Finding profitable keywords (also called keyword research) is probably the most important part of search engine optimization. In this article I will show you how to perform a keyword research and thus filter the easiest keywords via the keyword analysis.

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13 tips for successful landing pages

These landing page tips show you how to better guide users and increase your conversion rate by up to 80%. Testimonials, hero shots, call-to-action buttons and response elements – there are many buzzwords in the landing page jungle. So that you don’t get overwhelmed by them, this landing page guide provides you with helpful advice and tricks for optimizing your landing page.

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11 landing page examples that really convert

These landing page examples are intended to show that an optimized conversion follows certain simple rules. The landing page examples show what I have to pay attention to on an optimized landing page and how I should present elements in order to keep the conversion rate as high as possible.

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What is a landing page?

Anyone who is a little more involved with the topic of the Internet, web design and online marketing will quickly come across the term landing page. But what is it exactly? Sure, the term landing page already reveals that it is a “landing page”, but what exactly does it mean? This article is about the meaning and purpose of this page.

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