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The 6 types of websites

There are now billions of websites – yet these can be divided into six website types on the Internet.

Before it comes to the concept and also the search engine optimization of your website, you should think about what you actually want to achieve with your offer. There are different types of websites. Note that a classification of website types is not set in stone. There can also be mixed forms of these website types. In addition, there are also forms of niche types, which are not mentioned here. This article is only intended to train sensitivity for the different orientation of a website. A rough outline could look as follows:


eCommerce website

These websites only want one thing: to sell. It doesn’t always have to be an online store. It could also be a service that acquires its customers via the Internet.

eCommerce Website Examples:


Lead generation website

Leads – or so-called new customer contacts – can be generated via a website. This is especially true when products are not easily marketable and can only be sold in conjunction with a personal consultation. In this case, the website is used to provide information about the offer and, above all, to collect the contact data of the potential new customer. This is where many websites from the B2B environment come in.

Lead Website Examples:


Content, media and magazine websites

A magazine or content website could be a well-run blog, for example. Here, it is simply a matter of conveying information. An example of this would be the classic news site, but also the fashion blog next door. This type of website contains information for the user.

Content, media and magazine websites examples:


Support and service websites

These websites are designed to make support as convenient and user-friendly as possible. In doing so, a service or support website is used to save resources and quickly answer frequently arising questions.

Support Websites Examples:


Community websites

These websites live from the community and are based on so-called user-generated content. The content of this website is therefore determined by the users of the website. Examples include Internet forums and social media platforms in the broadest sense.

Community Website Examples:


Corporate websites

This refers to websites that belong to companies and are of a representative nature. Here, the respective company is in the foreground without pursuing any further goal. Most corporate websites are a mix of the previously mentioned website types.

Corporate website examples:


Website Types Conclusion

Of course, there are many more types of websites. One could continue the list here endlessly, but I think before you start designing or optimizing your website, you should be clear about what type your website is. Also, the division into exactly these six types is subjective – but represents an approach to the subject.

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