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The 8 most common web design mistakes

The 8 most common web design mistakes are not only committed by smaller companies – sometimes they also happen to top dogs. Here now web design mistakes that make you lose your customers.

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Flat design: Web design trends under the magnifying glass

Flat design is certainly not the latest web design trend. When I was working on some campaigns for the new Windows Phone in 2011, I came into contact with this flat design for the first time. Microsoft called it Metro Design, though. However, if you left aside the tile design, it was the birth of Flat Design.

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wordpress advantages and the downsides

WordPress – advantages and the downsides

The WordPress advantages are obvious: easy to use, the diversity through plugins and the infinite scalability are just a few advantages that WordPress has to offer. However, there are also critical voices about WordPress. Here we want to present WordPress advantages but also disadvantages.

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Why WordPress – Interesting facts about the #1 CMS

Why WordPress? This WordPress infographic shows the popularity of the content management system. Why WordPress is used by so many big brands but also smaller companies is surely due to the popularity of WordPress.

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What is WordPress?

What is WordPress? WordPress is a software that lets you create and maintain your own website online. WordPress is a content management system that stands out for its widespread use, high customizability and easy configuration.

Wordpress timline plugin

The best WordPress timeline plugins

Are you looking for the best WordPress Timeline plugin? Countless themes, plugins and other extras make WordPress very flexible and suitable for all applications. In this post I would like to present the best wordpress timeline plugins. With these wordpress plugins you can easily add a timeline or resume to your blog.

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